To The Front’s Favourite Lifestyle Blogs

Since starting our own blog, we’ve had more reason to check out other cool blogs, so we thought we’d compile a list of some of our personal favourites.

The Cheeky Blog:

The Cheeky Blog describes itself as a reflection on all aspects of femininity- “including all of the sticky and messy parts”. Illustrator Ariella Elovic writes and illustrates every post herself, and her unique and funny pictures are what really makes The Cheeky Blog stand out.

Focussing on her personal experience, and unafraid to share wholeheartedly on aspects of womanhood that are sometimes glossed over, Ariella’s posts are thoughtful, unique, and often very funny.

Grace F Victory:

The internet’s self-proclaimed ‘big sister’, you’ve probably already heard of Grace F Victory, but just in case you haven’t, you should definitely check out her blog.

Grace covers everything from fashion and beauty to advice, often with a focus on body positivity. Her vibrant fashion taste and honest and reflective posts are well worth a look. If you enjoy the blog, she also has a YouTube channel.

Zoe Zine:

Zoe Daniel aims to use her blog as an “online platform which amplified the voice of marginalised communities” while also focusing on her own life as a young creative student at the University of Aberdeen.

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Zoe aims to use the platform to explore her loves of politics, social justice and feminism as well as food, fashion, beauty, music, and interviews. There are only a couple of pieces up at the minute but we definitely see the blog as one to watch.


Qwear is a fashion and lifestyle blog dedicated to showcasing LGBTQIA+ style. From aesthetically pleasing photoshoots to more serious poetry and thinkpieces, fashion fans will definitely leave Qwear feeling inspired.

Even if you aren’t that into fashion, Qwear is updated super frequently with all kinds of different content so there’s definitely something for everyone, it’s a great place to discover really interesting creators and models that might not be featured in more mainstream publications.

Hannah Witton:

Our final pick is more of a future than present blog recommendation, but Hannah Witton’s blog has just been revamped, and we’re excited to see the new posts to come.

Hannah is a sex and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who recently underwent a big operation after suffering from Ulcerative Colitis. Since then she’s been candid and open about how having been through surgery and having a stoma changed her life. We’re really excited to see her usual lifestyle posts return after a long break.

Header: (Left: Jari Jones for Qwear, Centre: Grace F Victory, Right: The Cheeky Blog)

Written by Lana Stone