One Lifestyle Closer to Saving the Environment

The minimal plastic lifestyle has become increasingly popular in an attempt to reduce the damage of mass plastic use on the environment.

The UK generates just under 5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually according to WRAP.ORG. Most families, either unaware of what can be recycled or too lazy to properly separate their waste, throws out around 40kg of plastic annually. Because of this, around 8 million metric tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean per year.

This innovative lifestyle involves purchasing foods and products with zero plastic packaging. Many environmentalists who follow this lifestyle, bring their own containers and jars into plastic-free grocery stores such as The Refillery and The Eco Larder that have both opened in Edinburgh in the past two months.

Laura Young follows this alternative lifestyle. She recently began a Less Waste Warriors Instagram where she posts other people’s successes in ways they have incorporated using no plastic into their lifestyles.

I met up with Laura to discuss her transition to this lifestyle.


By Chloe Ruddiman

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