About Us

To The Front is a creative outlet for girls to talk about, write, or create anything they want. We want to shine a light on female creators that have been stuck in the dark for too long. Stick around for interviews, art, articles, and photography.

The best thing about the blog is that anyone can contribute. Have an idea for an article or created something that you aren’t sure how to promote? If you email us over at galstothefront@gmail.com we can have a chat about how you could contribute to this exciting project.

 the team:

While we hope that To The Front will become a big collaborative project between loads of talented gals, the idea behind the website and the day to day organization of it is the responsibility of Lana and Seonaidh.

Lana and Seonaidh set everything up and will keep it running smoothly, so if you email, Facebook, Instagram or carrier pigeon us, you’ll be dealing with one of these two:

Lana Profile 2

Seonaidh Profile 2

You can listen to Lana’s radio show here and Seonaidh’s here


(Header: Emma Barlow)